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Yoga42 Updated Yoga Class Schedule (May 2020)

Steph's teaching schedule:

Tuesday: Yoga for Baseball with KineticPro 4pm EST

Friday: Yoga for Baseball with KineticPro 4pm EST

Saturday: Vinyasa Flow + Biomechanics Assessment 9am EST

Saturday: Yoga for Athletes + Biomechanics Assessment 11:30am EST

How to register:

For classes Tuesday and Friday, book directly through KineticPro here.

Saturday classes: Book directly here or email and indicate which class you would like to participate in.

About classes:

Yoga for baseball players: Sessions include breathing exercises, active stretches, and recovery stretches that we tested over the summer at KP. Appropriate for all ages and levels. No experience necessary.

Vinyasa Flow: Session includes a warm up, dynamic sequence repeated at one breath per movement 2x per side, balance postures, arm balance options, cool down, and savasana. Vinyasa yoga experience recommended.

Classes with biomechanics assessment (Sat 9am & 11:30am EST): Includes pre and post test range of motion test, select yoga pose analyses, and biomechanics data report.

More about the biomechanics assessment: The pre and post test mobility assessment takes approximately five minutes. Students are asked to log into zoom ten minutes before scheduled class time and have a chair close by. Participants will sit on the chair for the hip and shoulder tests. After that, participants will stand and go through a few movements for the spine. For these tests, students will hold their max range of motion in a position for three seconds and that will be captured by video and assessed after class. Students will receive their custom biomechanics report after class.

Zoom yoga best practice tips:

Please make sure you are logged in from a computer and that video is ON (audio will be muted for participants during the session). It's helpful to have the computer on a chair or table so that the video is angled slightly down so I can see your alignment during class. 

If you lose connectivity during the session, check your wifi (you may need to toggle on/off) and use the same link sent via email to rejoin the session.

All you need is your yoga mat and a quiet space to practice. If possible, have a few pillows or a blanket close by - which may be used during class.

Contact Steph for additional information.

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