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Now Offering Remote Yoga Classes with Biomechanics Assessment  

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

This week we debuted our first remote biomechanical assessment via Zoom. Before and after class, all students were assessed at once for joint range-of-motion. The goal was to study the immediate effects yoga had on their mobility. You can read about the technical details of the study in the white paper linked here

The mobility exam assessed active range-of-motion of the shoulders, hips, and spine in a two minute test. Students stood in front of their camera, either directly facing the camera or perpendicularly depending on the movement.  Student video was then fed through semi-automated skeletal tracking software to measure joint angles. 

After class, students were provided a biomechanics report with their results. Group results were also tabulated into pre and post test categories.

The study concluded that eight of the eighteen measures significantly improved in the post-class test. All eighteen measures from the exam averaged net positive gains in mobility (although not statistically significant).

To participate in an upcoming yoga class and have your own biomechanical assessment, email Steph.

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