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Join me for a Vinyasa Yoga Flow this Saturday (3/28)

Join me for a one hour, all levels vinyasa flow on Saturday, March 28th at 9am EST (Please note this is Eastern time, I am currently on Arizona time) via Zoom.

Anyone is welcome to join. I will be donating any money collected from this class and giving to DREAM Charter School. As you may know, I worked closely with the students and staff teaching yoga weekly at DREAM in Harlem for the five years I lived in NYC. Close to 100% of the children that attend DREAM live below the poverty line. These funds will go directly to the emergency relief fund they have set up. Venmo handle @StephArmijo - only pay if you can (today, and always).

Spotify playlist if you want to have music in the background:

If you have any questions or an injury I should know about before you join class, please send me an email (


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