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TBT Mets Yoga Day 2016

There was a cool breeze and the summer sun was just waking up - it was the best day of my life. Baseball is not everyone’s thing and I know that. But for me, it’s been my #1 love since I was seven year old. Last summer, I hopped over the fence at Citi Field to prepare to teach Mets Yoga Day. For those of you that know me and know my story, you probably know that Mets Yoga Day 2015 was changed up last minute (due to a situation out of my control) and we were booted off the field (as originally anticipated and promoted). So to say I was eager to teach down on the field (a place I’ve only been allowed to even tiptoe around three times now) was an understatement. I was very prepared, but also, I didn’t really know what to expect. As I watched people, my friends, filter down on to the field I was overwhelmed with love. So many of my friends were there to support me. Less than three years before that, I picked a day, just a day that sounded auspicious (11/12/13) and moved to NYC. I lived on my friend’s couch and started from scratch in the hardest city. A handful of friends from my days, no job (I don’t recommend this), and two suitcases of not nearly enough yoga pants. The first year was pretty tough – even though I wanted to be in NYC and believed in myself - I had to prove to a new region that I could teach yoga. That meant, teaching classes anywhere and at any time (good early morning Brooklyn, class of two students). Becoming involved with the Mets organization changed everything for me. My weekly trips to Citi Field quickly became the best part of my week. The Mets Yoga Club – employees that practice yoga with me during their lunch break – became my family. Grateful isn’t a big enough word to describe how I feel to know these amazing people. They are my crew. The first to hear my embarrassing stories of my first team dinner with the Brooklyn Nets; quickly changing their schedules when Mets players were able to join us for yoga; being there when I lost a very close family friend in the baseball world; and lots of life in between that. Mets Yoga Day was a celebration for all of us. It was a moment I had thought about a lot – and I just assumed I was going to be very nervous to teach. But there was the warmest, calmest feeling of walking barefoot on the field, surrounded by people that loved and believed in me. The grounds crew was preparing the infield and over 200 people flowed with me for an hour in center field. What a day. Although we were not able to bring you yoga in 2017, I am hoping to have another class on the field in 2018. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that supported me – I will never ever forget it. Namaste & LGM.

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