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Staying Hydrated in a Hot Yoga Room

Recently one of my students (also a yoga instructor) asked how I am able to keep my voice teaching so many classes each week. The greatest challenge for me was when I began teaching yoga in the hot room. Obviously speaking in a room with 100 degree heat non-stop for an hour or more each session can wear you down. Last year around the holidays, I caught a cold, and had the hardest time getting my voice back to normal. Lesson learned: I should have completely rested, rather than teaching through it, because it strained my voice for about three months afterwards. Sometimes in class my voice would completely give out. I would try to say a word and nothing would come out. After consulting with an integrative nutritionist, she determined that I was chronically dehydrated (even though I was drinking a lot of water). I’ve taken measures to stay hydrated (in a way that works for my body) everyday.

  1. Water + Himalayan Sea Salt. I add a pinch to every large glass of water I drink. I keep a large glass of water by my bed, and I drink the entire thing before I get out of bed. I have a second large glass as I’m getting ready for work.

  2. Lemon, Ginger, & Honey in Hot Water. I love coffee and I always have a cup in the morning. However, on days when I am teaching hot yoga in the morning, I have this warm drink before I teach. It’s really soothing on my throat and tastes great. An extra boost in hydration.

  3. Electrolyte packs. Thankfully, I like the taste of plain water, but these electrolyte packs make it even easier to drink more water. I pour one package into a 1 liter bottle of water as I’m teaching in the hot room.

Whatever your lifestyle and daily routine is, you can probably benefit from drinking more water. Try these tips above and let me know what you think!


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