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My Yoga Pose Doesn't Look Like Hers...

Yoga is so much more than just a physical practice. It is an opportunity to tap into a mind-body connection that can help to restore your nervous system. With that said, there are MANY factors that change the way you move in your yoga practice. Even if I’m aware of your injuries, that doesn’t mean I know how you will move in your body during a yoga flow.

When I’m teaching, I often see people looking around at what other people look like. General alignment tips are for safety, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to look a certain way. I encourage you to do what is right for your body in each moment and give yourself those 60-minutes on your mat to just be present. If the pose works for your body, do it. If it doesn’t, leave it. Honor your body and give yourself the opportunity to tune in to the way poses feel – it doesn’t really matter what they look like.

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