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For Athletes: A Little TLC For Hands/Wrists

There is so much we take for granted with our bodies on a daily basis. For professional athletes, the ability to move their hands/wrists is one of the most important parts of what they do. Catching, throwing, etc. It all starts with you hands. So it makes sense to take a few minutes every day to stretch out hands/wrists/forearms.

1) Fingers-Up Forearm Stretch: hold on to fingers and turn palm outward. Straighten arm and pull fingers back using other hand.

2) Finger Stretch: Place fingertips together and push palms toward each other.

3) Palms-Out Forearm Stretch: Interlock fingers in front of chest and straighten arms turning palms of hands outwards.

4) Thumb Stretch: Start with fingers pointing up and thumb out to one side, use other hand to pull thumb down.

5) Fingers-Down Wrist Stretch: Pull fingers toward body.

6) Rotating Wrist Stretch: Place one arm straight and parallel to ground. Rotate wrist down and outwards and use other hand to further rotate hand upwards.

hand/wrist stretches


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