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Athletes: Hip Rotation & Shoulder Problems

In baseball, research has shown that at ball release, the lack of internal rotation at the hip *can* cause a compensatory pattern at the shoulder.

When we think of hip stretches and strengthening poses in yoga, we typically focus on external rotation. Internally rotated hip poses allow muscles to strengthen and develop a healthy balance between contraction and stretching.

In Warrior Three, the lifted leg is internally rotated to maintain a square pelvis and offers strength to inner thighs and stretching to outer thighs.

Internal hip rotation is when the thigh is rolled into the mid line of the body. Warrior Three has many other benefits: strengthening ankles, calves, hamstrings, and core muscles.

From standing, shift weight into left leg and send right leg back behind you (moving slowly, hinging from hips). Keep a bend in standing leg to help with stability. From here, drop right hip (internal rotation) so that hips are square, working to straighten back leg with toes pointing down to ground. From here, lengthen up and out of core (so there is no arch in back). Arms can be anywhere – stay here for 10 deep breaths and switch sides.

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