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Yoga for Athletes - Yoga Benefit of the Month: Reduced Fatigue

Updated: May 14, 2019

We can all benefit from feeling more rested and ready to take on our day-to-day lives. But for baseball players, feeling rested can directly translate into a strong performance at the plate and on the field. When our muscles are tired and overworked, we find ways to compensate. This is our brain’s way to get us through whatever it is we are doing. This compensation can be especially dangerous for baseball players. Because many of their movements are repetitive and one-side dominant, compensation patterns can arise that cause pain and injury. For example, fatigued baseball players commonly complain of back pain, which can be traced back to tight hip flexors.  

My yoga sessions with baseball players focus on recovery. There is science behind the breathing patterns we practice. Learning to elongate the exhale is one of my favorite techniques to incorporate during yoga. The yoga poses are tailored to the position-specific needs of the player. We don’t do yoga just to say we do yoga. We don’t do fancy poses that are out of normal, healthy ROM. These sessions are individualized to restore the player’s energy. Contact me for more info on what to expect during a yoga session and commit to restoring energy. 

Yoga for Baseball Players
Yoga session for baseball players focused on reducing fatigue.

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