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Breathing Technique for Athletes to Calm & Focus

Alternate Nostril Breathing. Try this breathing technique to calm down before a game or stressful situation. Find a comfortable seat. Bring one hand palm face up. Bend index, middle, and ring fingers in (so thumb and pinky are straight). You will be using thumb and pinky finger to cover nostrils. Start by covering one nostril with your thumb. Take a slow deep breath in through opposite nostril. Use pinky finger to cover open nostril for the count of four. Release thumb and exhale slowly. Inhale through open nostril, cover both nostrils for count of four, and release pinky finger to exhale. Continue on breathing like this for one minute. You will notice it is easier to breathe out of one nostril and that is normal. If you notice one nostril is stuffy, you can place your hands higher on the bridge of your nose to release pressure. Try this breath practice once a day and notice if it helps you feel calmer.

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