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Child's Pose for Athletes - Try these Tips

Using Yoga Props in Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is known in yoga as a resting pose. It may not seem like it at first if you have tight hips and a stiff back. Child’s pose for athletes can be a tremendously calming yoga posture while gently opening up the side body (preparing for activity), stretching hips/thighs/ankles, and loosening up the back. Connecting with breath while head is down will help to regulate the nervous system, gently stimulating the vagus nerve.

So you want to get all the benefits of this pose, but it’s just not comfortable? Grab some yoga props (a blanket or two and a block) and lets get started.

First off, if you have any knee issues, use a blanket underneath your knees for added support. It may seem like a hassle getting set up with these extra things, but your nervous system knows when you are holding on (and it won’t let you fully relax if it’s trying to protect you). Bring your knees as wide as the yoga mat and your big toes to touch behind you. Sink your hips back to your heels. Are your hips not touching your heels? Completely normal for athletes – place a blanket or two in between hips and heels. Start to walk your hands out in front of you. Lengthen your arms, but let them relax down. Begin to bring your forehead down to the mat. If your hips don’t touch heels, your forehead probably won’t reach the ground. That is also A-OK and normal. Place a block underneath your forehead to bring the ground closer to you. Once you are settled in, take some deep breaths here. In through the nose, out through the nose. Slowly roll forehead on the mat side to side (this should feel relaxing). Stay here as long as you need to and come back to this pose, when you need to rest or you need a few quiet moments before a game.

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