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"Class with Steph is an incredibly unique and rewarding experience. As a former competitive athlete, I appreciate the combination of endurance, power, balance, flexibility, and rhythm she incorporates into her practice. However, Steph's greatest strength as a teacher is here ability to get your mind locked in the zone so you can maintain that deep sense of focus from start to finish. She is the best yoga teacher I've had the opportunity to work with and her resume speaks for itself."

-Walker P.

"It was less than five minutes into my first yoga class with Steph before I was totally and completely hooked - and barely out the door of the studio afterwards before I was already trying to figure out how to re-shuffle my schedule to make sure I could always fit her classes into my week. The structure of her class is so unique that it feels as though an hour flies by in the blink of an eye. Which, truth be told, is bittersweet, as I'd easily spend four hours following her flows if she didn't eventually stop us all. That said, it effortlessly ensures that I've pushed myself harder than I ever thought possible - and felt amazing while doing so. Steph has a calm to her teaching, and to her nature as a whole, that instantly envelopes the room in a transcendent energy that both causes all your stresses to melt away and invigorates you more than you thought was possible. For beginners and advanced students alike, I would (and very often do) recommend Steph's classes as among the best I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Honestly, you'd be crazy not to try them out; they just might change your life."

-Avery M.

“Steph’s class completely changed how I approach yoga — the athleticism and workout that I can accomplish is more than I realized I could do through a yoga practice. The balance of strenuous flow combined with focused connection to breath and body is what makes her class so challenging and fulfilling. I am stronger and more athletic now than I’ve ever felt before, and the constant focus on moving with intention eventually built up to balance and poses — and a true total workout! Steph has a really strong connection to the class and pushes us while encouraging the right things for each individual body. And her playlists rock! Wherever you are in your yoga journey, Steph is someone you want to meet.”

-Meaghan B.

“I go to Steph’s classes for three reasons: 1. Her thoughtful sequencing of poses, 2. Her attention to alignment and excellent cuing, and of course, 3. Her ability to challenge her students, while simultaneously reminding them to listen to their bodies and take care of themselves. She is a teacher who pays attention to both safety and comfort while giving your body the workout it needs. Finally, she knows her students well. She connects with each of them and provides the motivation everyone needs to work toward becoming true yogis.”

-Katrina A.

“Steph’s class does a great job at targeting my mind and my body. I always leave feeling fresh and feeling better than when I went in. I have greatly benefited mentally and physically thanks to her.”

-Nick L.

“Steph’s teaching style is approachable, straightforward, and easy to follow. Whether you have been practicing for years or you are stepping into your first class, she’s got something for everyone. Her attention to detail and clear cut guidance can help you refine your Warriors, lift off into an arm balance, or float into handstand – whatever your goal is from class to class, Steph knows how to help you achieve it.”

-Jess T. 

“Steph’s classes are amazing and helped me keep strong, fit, and most of all balanced, through my entire pregnancy.”

-Kim C.

“I look forward to Steph’s class every week, as it is one of my absolute favorites! You can count on each class having a creative and challenging flow paired with really great music. Steph also guides you through an entire class with ease and has an extremely soothing voice that even during the most challenging moments you make it through. She creates such an inviting and fun atmosphere for all students. I would recommend her class to everyone!”

-Meghan M.

“Steph’s classes have been the perfect break in my day to help me relax, refocus, and reenergize, Her energy is super welcoming! I always walk away ready to take on the rest of my day already feeling accomplished.”

-Alex R.

“What I love about Steph’s classes is that the sequences are fluid and graceful, but athletic, so they challenge your body and your focus. I always leave the morning hot class feeling invigorated but mentally grounded.”

-Caitlyn P.

 “It’s truly hard to sum up what I love about Steph and her yoga classes, in just a few short sentences; As her student, you feel acceptance and peace of mind, during the 60- minutes you are with her. Steph’s calming voice and in-direct/direct encouragement, gets you to where you need to be, at that moment. Not to mention, her carefully thought out sequences and choice of music, keeps your mind off of the outside world and keeps you omnipresent. I religiously attend her classes at Earth Yoga every Wednesday and Thursday. To say that my week would be incomplete without her and her classes, is an understatement. Steph has made a huge impact on my namaste world, which I am sure she has done for many others as well.”

-Alicia B. 

“I took my first ever yoga class with Steph and honestly never looked back. Steph has an amazing ability to connect with every individual in her packed classes and takes a genuine interest in the progress and well-being of her students – regardless of their practice level. Steph has been such a wonderful resource on my personal journey and I have no doubt she will continue to inspire yogis for many years to come.”

-Darina S.

“Steph wonderfully blends mindful movement and challenging flows in her classes. I look forward to them every week. Her classes help me start my Saturdays off feeling revitalized.”

-Matt R.

“Taking class with Steph has been part of my practice for close to two years now. Her classes are always challenging, engaging, and opening. Her sense of humor and generous spirit are so welcoming both in the studio and outside. I love taking class with her every week.”

-Danny P.

“I really enjoy going to Steph’s class every Thursday night at Earth Yoga. It’s not only a good workout and mental escape, but a great way to lead into the weekend. Guaranteed to leave class with what I call the 4 S’ (sweaty, sore, stretched, and stress- free). Perfect class for all levels of yogi to get their zen on. Namaste.”

-Nate B.

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