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Meet Steph

Introducing Steph Armijo, the visionary force behind Yoga 42. With a background rooted in the sports industry, Steph has seamlessly transformed into a yoga and meditation instructor for professional athletes, extending her expertise to both individuals and teams.


Today, she collaborate with clients, infusing yoga and meditation with pilates and self-myofascial massage in dynamic group and personalized sessions.

My Mission

My mission is to provide unwavering guidance to players and coaches throughout the demanding season, emphasizing the paramount importance of recovery. As recovery gains recognition as a pivotal training element, it's crucial to acknowledge that the nervous system exerts its influence over every facet of the body. By nurturing their inner well-being, players ensure their bodies can withstand the rigors of a challenging 6+ month season.

My Story

I have loved the game of baseball since I was eight years old. I would watch games on TV, keep score in a notebook, and cut out box scores from the newspaper the following morning. I would tape the official box to my scorecard and double check for any mistakes.
In college, I quickly changed my major (from business to communication) so that I was able to accept an internship with the San Francisco Giants during Spring Training. That internship lasted five years, and I took away more knowledge and experience than I could have ever imagined. I not only understood the game of baseball better, but I began to understand what it takes to have a successful season.


After college, I moved to NYC to accept a newly created position in statistics at From there, I moved to Austin, Texas and signed up for my first yoga class. A lightbulb went off after that first class. One of those moments you never forget. Yoga + Baseball go hand-in-hand. Every team should be doing yoga.


I left ATX, moved to San Diego, and signed up for my first yoga training. I did additional workshops and trainings soaking up everything I could before I made my big move back to NYC.
I moved to NYC in 2013 to teach yoga to sports teams. I connected with the Mets, where I taught yoga weekly to employees (and occasionally coaches/players as the season permitted); I taught yoga to the Brooklyn Nets team and head coach; and a variety of college and high school sports teams and sports organizations throughout NYC for five years.


In 2018, I began to focus on yoga + baseball research and yoga programming.


I currently reside in New York, NY and offer remote and in person yoga sessions for athletes with pre/post yoga mobility reports. 

My Work

Based in New York, NY, Steph travels to consult, create programming, and teach yoga sessions to teams. Today, her yoga sessions include yoga postures to optimize recovery, meditation and mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, pilates foundational movements, and self-myofascial massage, tailored to athletes' needs. Yoga is a powerful tool for athletes - Steph works with players to seamlessly incorporate these modalities into their daily routines. 

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