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5 Stretches to Do Before You Get Out of Bed

Try these five stretches first thing in the morning (they can be done IN bed) to stretch and gently open hip & groin area, low back, chest & shoulders. These stretches are a great place to start if you don’t have a yoga practice, but you want to start incorporating yoga into your life.

  1. From your back (head can be supported by pillow) bring soles of your feet together and knees wide apart. If this feels too intense, you can place pillows/blankets underneath your knees for added support. While here, set your intention for the day. That can be anything meaningful for you (ex: goals for the day, trying to remain present while you are with others, or practicing deep belly breaths throughout your day). Choose something that resonates with you, and with your eyes closed, take about 10 slow deep breaths in and out through your nose.

  2. Start to lengthen your left leg out in front of you. You can still let this pose be mostly passive, gently opening up hip/inner thigh. Feel that your extended leg toes point straight up to the sky.

  3. On an inhale, start to guide your bent knee directly into chest. Left leg toes still point up to the sky. Take a few ankle circles in both directions. You can shift your knee side to side keeping slow steady deep breaths.

  4. On an exhale, guide your lifted knee across your body for a gentle spinal twist. You can keep your hand on your knee with other arm extending out to the side (opening chest and shoulders).

  5. Slowly roll back over on to your back and ground your left foot down. Right ankle crosses over left knee. Flex your right foot (to protect your knee). Right hand can gently press into right inner thigh to intensify stretch. Uncross your right ankle and hug both knees into chest rocking gently side to side (massaging low back). Switch sides beginning with right leg out in front of you and left foot resting on right inner thigh.

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